Iconography Part 3

Having completed the Icon designs I decided to move on to testing with a ‘Quiz’ completed with some context to see how recognisable the Icons were.

In this table red items are icons that were not recognised. Orange were only recognized by some and green was recognised 100%. Taking this into account I can leave green items as they are and prioritise red icons for redesign.

To help with redesign I will be going through this process.

  1. Look at current Icons that are widely recognisable
  2. Take on Peer feedback
  3. Redesign
  4. Get feedback again

This needs to be done promptly to make sure icons are completed as soon as possible so alternate versions of the game can be made without constant changes.

The life support was recognized as human a similar enough concep to be left alone as long as context is given.
Antimatter is a secondary icon and not currently needed.
Transformer is the scientific symbol for it and may not be able to be simplified.

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