For marketing I wanted to make sure that all the marketing was relevant to my game so it would be more successful.

Social Media

For Social media I made a twitter and an Instagram. My first time with public social media I looked up the best times to post and how to tag. According to statistics the best time to post would be at 12 noon and 5pm. This is because people are browsing social media whilst on lunch breaks or journey home from work. I also researched Hashtags that would be useful to me for visibility. #ScreenshotSaturday and #IndieDev were the most popular and high viability hashtags. Other hashtags I decided to use every post were #GameDev #Gamedevelopment #Iconography #Girlsingames. The last hashtag about girls in games is particularly important as women in games need to be more visible to inspire more women to join in games.


For merchandise that would be sold in the Exhibition shop I thought about what I had in the game that could be translated to merch well. With my whole design based on iconography I thought that sticker packs of my iconography would be visually interesting. I made two sticker packs, one with the blueprint icons and one with the realistic icons.
For another merchandise opportunity I really loved my launch screen with it’s mix of blueprint and Space. I thought this would look good on postcards with marketing information on the back.


For the London Exhibition I will use the postcards again to promote the game but I also have printed Business cards to give out for networking. The business cards are double sided featuring my games details on one side, and my own on the other. I decided to go with two distinct designs on both sides as I didn’t;t want the game to be the only thing representing me


The biggest challenge in marketing was making a trailer and a development film. For the trailer I wanted context of the game and also gameplay. I looked at other indie designers such as Mini-Metro’s trailer and took inspiration from it. At first I tried a small animation for the trailer to show context but unfortunately it was not up to standard as I have no previous animation knowledge. In this time however I learned how to use After Effects. With this new knowledge I tried again without any animation. To keep static images interesting I added sound effects and managed to create a Trailer.
For the development film I focused on the iconography. The film followed my process of icon making from paper to screen. I wish I had more time to make the films even better but even in their current form they still get across the points I wanted to.

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