New UI

The combine screen went through heavy testing to dictate what needed to be changed.

In this version the clock was too big and not in the correct aesthetic style.

In this next version the timer had been made part of the blueprint and more to scale with the rest of the image. The next thing needed was a place to put the mission. I wanted to keep with the workshop feel of the bookcase, so I made a post it note to hold the mission information that could be clicked on and appear bigger. In the previous version a RESET was written above the Combine area. This was not used very often as people did not realise it was a button. To solve this I decided to go with the same style as the post it note and make an eraser to represent the reset button. I also removed the middle bar on the lower shelf as it made more sense for all the final products to be on one continuous line. The combine is also now a pencil to make it fit in with the theme.

The feedback was that the timer looked odd as part of the blueprint, so I made it another object on the ‘desk’ by making a watch. The next problem was that people were still were not sure of what was a button. So everything is now labelled and all button objects are outlined in black. The unpopular pencil, however, is now gone and a black outlined arrow replaced it.

In this final design there were issues with what were final modules for the ship so I added labels to look like Dynamo labels. In addition a button to bypass the timer has been added should people have a lot of time left. This button is the only one without black outline because I did not want people touching it except in the certain circumstance it was made for. With the need of a combination ‘cookbook’ I designed it to look like a book on the shelf but appearing on the blueprint to make it more intuitive to be a button. With feedback that the number of created objects was difficult to see, someone mentioned a Facebook popup style¬†might be more legible. I implemented this first in blue, but as it was not on the blueprint this looked odd and I changed it to the post it note yellow.

The updated launch Screen has less module slots and a launch and replay section.

For the final screen I wanted to combine the blueprint theme with space. At first I was worried it wouldn’t work but by using the blueprint light blue to create a space effect at the top.

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