To help me with a design on the UI I looked at a handbook on the design on the worlds leading Space authority, Nasa. Using their design handbook I took some design features from it.


I then looked at using my Icons as a start for UI. Following their design I looked at a book on the method of the Grid for design. Using the icon’s as they were square they would work perfectly in a grid formation.

Following the Advice of Mini Metro’s designer, I focused on where the eye was drawn to in my paper prototype. The importance of this in ergonomic UI is that if we conform to where they eye naturally is, the UI can be much simpler and easy to use. Following the eye with the prototype the main eye focus of each section of play was determined and will be taken in to account when developing errors and instructions.

As for style I was thinking of going in a blueprint direction as the game focused on building and creating and all creation starts with the design of a blueprint. To help me I looked at several types of blueprints from classic very detailed prints, to fantasy simpler ones and to room layouts. With Iconography being in mind, A simpler style only inspired by blueprints would most likely be the best option. The key word being Minimilist blueprint.

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