Testing 10

I decided to do some final testing with some more niche audience testing. I travelled to the Engineering department of Southampton University. This was my first test on the target platform on IOS I-pad.

I also had to fill in an Ethics and Participant Form.

Aerospace Engineer

  • Not finding many combinations
  • Randomly pressing and little thought
  • Found combination notes
  • Going through systematically now
  • Tapping raw materials instead of combination note?
  • Not sure what to do at placement screen
  • Used combination notes
  • Said it was fun and intuitive

Mechanical Engineer

  • Systematically going through
  • Found most things on the screen
  • Bug gone wrong at launch things disappear when returned
  • Had a-lot of time left, need a way to bypass timer
  • Said it was Fun and similar to Doodle God
  • Intuitive

Aerospace Engineer

  • Tried a bit of logic but ended up going systematically through it
  • Used combination notes
  • Said it had intuitive design
  • Forgot about timer
  • Only one to find reset button so far

Material Engineer

  • Randomly pressing stuff
  • Combination notes were found
  • Still randomly pressing stuff
  • Oxygen and water logic used
  • Got both modules needed
  • Launch was worked out
  • Logic was good but not the first thing they thought to try
  • Not sure what to do on placement screen
  • Loading takes forever

Material Engineer

  • Pressing randomly everything on screen
  • Reset and combination notes both found
  • Forgot mission at launch
  • Bug again things disappear for no reason
  • Kept trying to drag rather than press

Changes to make:

  • Bug
  • A way to bypass timer

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