Creating the iconography for the game was a key part in the game’s design as it would be the art style for the whole game. To make sure I got this part right I used the book ‘Icon Handbook’ by Jon Hicks as a guideline for how to create good and recognizable icons.

Following his 3 step guide to icon making I went through this process to create my icons. I first decided what the icons would be before outlining objects and then finalising a design with details put in.






After this I could then make some decisions on size and dimensions. To do this I had to think about the displays the game would be on. In this instance the biggest screen size would be on the I-pad pro larger size. Using this as a base so the image would never have to be scaled up and pixelated, I went with the dimensions of 360×360 pixels for each image and a stroke of 2mm. These Icons were done in the Vector Drawing app Inkscape so resizing would never be a issue.

After the first designs were done I went back to the handbook to see how they could be improved. Varying Line weight and fill of black could be improvements so I experimented with these. It was important to sort out the icons as I would be basing my whole UI most likely on their outcome.

            Original                      Black Space           Lighter Detail weight



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